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All About - Cooker Hood Filters
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All About - Cooker Hood Filters

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 09:19 Dec 2nd, 2014<< Back to Ship Happens

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Whether you have a recirculating or ducted cooker hood, there will always be a filter that you have to take care off. To help to look after your cooker hood filter, Ship It Appliances has put together a guide with maintenance tips and advice.

Charcoal Filters
Charcoal filters are removable and replaceable filters that are installed in recirculating cooker hoods. They remove grease and odours from the air while you cook to keep your air feeling fresh. Once the charcoal filter has done its job, the cooker hood recirculates the clean air back into your kitchen.

To keep your recirculated cooker hood working effectively, it is important to replace your charcoal filters regularly. Depending on the model of your cooker hood, the charcoal filters should be replaced every two to three months. Be sure to check your appliance manual for further details. If your oven sees heavy usage, you should consider replace the cooker hood filters more often than the user manual recommends.

Grease Filters


Most ducted cooker hoods feature metal grease filters, which are made up of woven metal mesh. They are designed to trap droplets of grease to keep the air in your kitchen clean while you cook. These filters are a permanent fixture in your cooker hood, so they do not need to be replaced when they become saturated with grease.

Instead, you should clean them. For a thorough clean, you can remove the filter and soak it in a mild cleanser. You can also clean it while it is still attached to the rest of the cooker hood. This is ideal if you plan on cleaning your cooker hood every week. For more in-depth details on cleaning your cooker hood, view our in-depth guide.


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