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CDAs Summer Kitchen Appliance Range
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CDAs Summer Kitchen Appliance Range

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 12:04 Jul 21st, 2014<< Back to Ship Happens

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The summer is usually when we have the time redecorate our homes, so it is always great timing when a kitchen appliance manufacturer releases a new range during this time. CDA is one such brand, as the company has launched a new collection of ovens, sinks and cooker hoods just in time for our summer renovation projects.


 One of the newest additions to CDA’s collection of kitchen appliances is the EDD61 drown draft cooker hood. This unique cooker hood is built directly into the counter, and it only rises out of the space when you turn it on. So, if you’re not a fan of traditional cooker hood designs, this is a great option. It is perfect for kitchens with a minimalist décor.


New large cavity ovens are now available as part of CDA’s range of kitchen appliances. The SK200, SK300 and SK400 are all designed with a much larger cooking space than the average oven. As such, you can achieve a great cooking result even when preparing multiple items in the oven at once. It has the large capacity of any single oven on the market today. So, if you host dinner parties often or just have a large family to cook for, this range is for you.

Another new product that has been added as part of CDA’s summer range is the KG80 composite bowl double bowl sink. It features ‘Ariapure technology’, which ensures a hygienic workspace. Microparticles are used not only to purify the surface of the sink but also the air around it. In addition, the sink is resistant to scratches, heat and stains.


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