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Christmas Leftovers
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Christmas Leftovers

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 13:30 Dec 3rd, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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 During Christmas we all use a lot of food and in many cases, theres a lot of waste. Theres no way of avoiding christmas waste as its difficult to gauge how many guests you will have and what their appetites will be on the day. Today we're going to take a quick look at a four ways or using your leftovers to make some tasty treats.



Left over meat and veg are the most common christmas waste. You can combine these leftovers with pastry to make interesting samosas. This will work better with certain meats, however, samosas can be made with just veg. Pastry itself is easy to put together and can be filling, makign these perfect quick lunches.



Stew is well known for making good use of leftover food. Red meats work especially well in stew and with the hearty veg from christmas such as potatoes, it can be warm and filling meal that can last you a few days.



If you or your loved ones have to go back to work soon after christmas, you could reuse leftover meat in sandwiches for them. Certain veg can also work well on sandwiches, but it comes down to taste.



Left over christmas ham ad veg can be turned into a tempting savoury crumble by simply adding creamy mustard, creme fresche and breadcrumbs and then baking. Like stew, this meal could last a few days and is perfect for the cold weather of winter.  

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