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How To Buy The Right Size Cooker Hood
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How To Buy The Right Size Cooker Hood

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Kitchen hoods provide a practical method of air filtration and extraction, helping the kitchen to stay free of steam and unwanted smells. Although cooker hoods come in a range of different shapes and designs, choosing the right hood for your kitchen takes more than just an eye for style. The hood must be large enough to sit over the oven and provide enough extraction power to clear the room of cooking fumes. 

Smaller hoods are quieter and usually have lower extraction rates making them more suitable for compact kitchens. Larger kitchens require bigger hoods with more powerful motors to recycle greater volumes of air.
Curved Glass Black LED Chimney Cooker Hood

Make sure you buy the right sized cooker hood for your kitchen

Firstly, measure the length and width of your cooker to determine its range. Cooker hoods are ideally around the same size as the range, so they are big enough to handle the gasses the cooker will create. Next measure the length and width of the space you have available for the hood vent and figure out the maximum size for your cooker hood.
Now measure the distance from the top of the cooker to the bottom of the cabinets and the ceiling space above the hobs. Install hood vents at least 45cm above electric hobs and 50cm above gas hobs. Make sure your chosen hood vent has a height that will not place it lower than these recommendations. Remember that the width and depth measurement is a minimum and the height measurement is a maximum when selecting the hood.
Select a hood vent with the appropriate CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is the amount of air the hood vent exhausts. Any cooker hood with a low CFM is not as effective if it is placed too high above the cooker, so if you need to do this, make sure you increase the CFM to ensure the hood is effective. Install 600 CFM hood vents around 75cm above the cooker, if it is installed higher than this, you will quickly see grease and dirt build up in its grease trap.

Quality kitchen appliances including CDA cooker hoods from Ship It

At Ship It we have a fantastic range of kitchen appliances including many types and sizes of CDA cooker hoods ranging from small 50cm hoods through to large 120cm hoods. We also offer electric, ceramic, induction and gas hobs from top brands such as CDA, Matrix and our own brand SIA, at excellent prices. You can also find ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, fridge freezers, sinks, and all the other appliances you need for your kitchen at our online store.   
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Over our 20 years running the company we have built up partnerships with some of the most trusted brands in our industry and continue to add new and innovative kitchen appliances. Our range of products includes over 450 items, which all come with free delivery anywhere in the UK. For more information on any of our products please email sales@shipitappliances.com or call 01623 752919.


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