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Kitchen Trends With CDA Fridge Freezers
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Kitchen Trends With CDA Fridge Freezers

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 14:58 Mar 7th, 2014<< Back to Ship Happens

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As we progress further into the technical age, nothing is spared from becoming the next must have gadget. Even home appliances and once simple kitchen tools are being re-designed to work smarter and better than anything before them, and this includes everything from fancy coffee machines to new CDA fridge freezers.

The Latest 2014 CDA Fridge Freezers – What Should I Consider?


CDA American Style Fridge Freezer, £649.00

The features on fridge freezers have developed in recent years; some are simple improvements on what already worked, whereas others bring new concepts that are new to the market.

  • Size & Capacity – This has and always will be the fundamentals of any fridge. It is what determines how much you can keep in your fridge and at any time, and is best decided by how many people are using it. Large families will require much more fridge and freezer space to accommodate everything they will use. The wider and taller the fridge is, the more shelves and other features it will have, but this means it will also take up more room in the kitchen.
  • Inside Layout – This is the arrangement of shelves and draws inside the fridge or freezer. This varies between models, as some will have more shelves and drawers, and of different sizes and shapes depending on the model. This ultimately comes down to preference, with your food habits also considered. If you eat a lot of fresh food then you may want more drawers, whereas people who eat pizzas and ready meals will require more shelves.
  • Appearance – As kitchens become ever more stylish, their look within the kitchen takes on more importance. Long ago a fridge was just a fridge, but now they are made in different colours so they can match with different interior styles. There are two main styles of CDA fridge freezer available, the classic one door opening which are often tall and thin, or American style fridge freezers which have two doors that open outwards making them wider but shorter in height. 
  • Added Features – The latest fridges include extra functions which are often what sets them apart from each other. Ice cube dispensers are nothing new, but they are continuing to improve, with extra options to create and dispense the ice in more convenient ways than before. Many models have electronic temperature controls, super cooling and LCD displays which give people more control over how they want the fridge.
  • Energy Efficiency – This is something that manufactures are putting a lot of time and effort into for the newest fridges, as creating better appliances that are more efficient is one of the main global ambitions for all electrical items. When you are deciding which CDA fridge freezer to buy, you can check the EU energy efficiency label which ranges from A+++ through to D, which will tell you how good the model is for energy saving.

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