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New Product: CDA Updraft Cooker Hood
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New Product: CDA Updraft Cooker Hood

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 12:29 Feb 24th, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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To start 2015 with a bang, kitchen appliance manufacturer CDA has launched plenty of innovative and exciting new products. One of the products that are most excited about is the new updraft cooker hood, which presents a unique new way to extract grease and odours from the air in your kitchen.

 cda updraft extractor fan

What Is An Updraft Cooker Hood?
An updraft cooker hood is exactly the opposite of a downdraft cooker hood. Unlike a downdraft extractor - which pops out of the kitchen counter when it is in use – CDA’s new updraft cooker hood features a retractable extraction zone that slides out of the bottom of the hood. As such, this particular model is stored above the hob while the downdraft hood design is stored in the counter.

What Are the Benefits of an Updraft Cooker Hood?
If you’re going for a minimalistic look for your kitchen counters, you will want to invest in a downdraft or updraft cooker hood. These models keep the actual extractor hidden so that you do not see it when it is not being used. An updraft hood is a better option if you do not have a great deal of extra space on your kitchen counters, but still want the benefits of a downdraft hood.

A Review of CDA’s New 3U10 Updraft Cooker Hood
With the 3U10 updraft cooker hood, CDA has brought something quite new and interesting to the kitchen appliances market. While there are plenty of downdraft hoods out there right now, the updraft kitchen extractor is a new innovation that fills a unique need for homeowners.

This particular model features quite a chic and sophisticated look, as it has a minimalistic aesthetic. With a stainless steel body and black glass fascia, the design is versatile and will look great in a modern or contemporary kitchen décor scheme. We would like to see this product in various colours at some point in the future, but the stainless steel finish is sufficient for now.

While most cooker hoods feature three spins, CDA’s new updraft model offers four – so, you have plenty of options to suit a wide range of meals. It also features a ten minute timer, which is perfect for extracting residual odours after you’ve finished cooking.

For a closer look at this appliance, browse the CDA 3U10 updraft cooker hood product page.

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