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New Washer Range Features Built-In Sink
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New Washer Range Features Built-In Sink

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 21:48 May 8th, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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When you’re washing a piece of clothing that has stubborn stains, you’ll have to give it a good scrubbing right before placing it in the washing machine. This usually requires you to run back and forth to the kitchen or washroom – but a new washing machine range from Samsung aims to make this process easier.

The new Activewash washing machine from Samsung features a built-in sink – which is perfect for pre-washing. The bowl of the sink is ridged, just like a washing board, to help displace stains more easily.

While this may not be necessary for the average household, it can be a major benefit to some homeowners. For example, if you work in a job in which your clothes become heavily stained daily (such as a nurse, a construction worker or a cook), then this model will benefit you. The same applies for households that have a small child, who is likely to come home with stubborn stains on their fairly often.

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine – or £800 for a new model is out of your budget – there is another way to prewash your clothing using only your washer. If you have a top-loading washing machine:

  • Load your detergent and any other laundry supplies
  • Add your clothing to the water
  • Let the machine fun for few minutes
  • Stop the machine to allow the clothing and detergent to mix
  • Leave the machine off for several hours
  • Turn the machine back on and allow the cycle to finish

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