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posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 15:58 Oct 15th, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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 With the summer weather finally fading and the cold embrace of winter lingering on the horizon, Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your kitchen for the harsh cold to come. There are many ways to winter proof your kitchens design and today we'll be looking at some of the best.


With the cold grey skies of winter, the last thing you need is cold colours in your kitchen. Warmer colours will help contrast with the harsh outside and make your kitchen cosier. Reds, burgundy and golds are ideal. Theres no need to redecorate the whole room, just try adding some new ornaments or tea towels.


As well as the light and cold colours, the winter months bring darkness, combat this with some new bright bulbs in your kitchen. The right bulbs in the right place can make all the difference.


Cold air of winter will find its way into your home one way or another. Draft excluders can be a great way of adding some new colour and charm whilst also combatting the cold.


Seasonal flowers can a great deal of charm. There colour and scents will be one of the first things people notice and will help bring the scents and colours of the harsh outdoors into your home.

Rustic Design

Metal and metallic furniture can be cold and uncomfortable in the winter. Wooden furniture and will help given a more traditional feel and be more comfortable in the harsh cold weather. As well as wooden furniture, antique pots and pans can add a great deal of aesthetic charm and bring about memories of olden winters.

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