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The Most Useful Cooker Hood Features
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The Most Useful Cooker Hood Features

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 09:35 Jul 13th, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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Cooker hoods are an essential appliance in any kitchen. By extracting grease and odours from the air, they keep the air in the entire household clean and fresh. While all cooker hoods are designed to offer effective ventilation for your home, some are equipped with different special features that can boost their value.


Reduced Noise
Some cooker hoods feature lower noise levels than others. If you enjoy chatting while you cook or you use your kitchen for entertaining, it may be a good idea to invest in a cooker hood that has a low noise level. There are also some models with average noise levels that feature a silent function for reduced noise on some occasions.

24-hour Extraction
This is a feature that you can find on many Galvamet cooker hoods. It ensures that your cooker hood runs every few hours all day to eliminate any residual odours in the air. So, you can expect the air in your home to always be fresh and clean. If you have pets or if there are people in your household who smoke, this feature is particularly beneficial.

This feature is commonly found on most models of cooker hoods. It continues running for a few minutes after you have turned off your kitchen extractor, so it will eliminate any residual odours after you have finished cooking.

Perimeter Extraction
Perimeter extraction is a ventilation method that pushes air through small crevices in the cooker hood. It is a very powerful method that is considered more effective than other types of extraction.

Filter Warning Light
It is important that you replace or clean your cooker hood’s filters regularly to keep the appliance working effectively. A filter warning light warns you when the filters are becoming saturated with grease, so that you know when they are in need of maintenance.

Some cooker hoods come with a boost function, which allows you to increase its extraction power. This is especially useful when cooking especially smoky or pungent dishes.


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