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Tumble Dryer Buying Guide
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Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

posted in Ship Happens by Ship It Appliances on 17:33 Mar 1st, 2015<< Back to Ship Happens

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Ship It Appliances offers up a helpful tumble dryer buying guide to help you pick out a model that will suit the needs of your household while saving money on your household bills. Read on for more information about how to choose the right tumble dryer for your home.

Capacity: What Size Tumble Dryer You Should Buy?
Tumble dryers with capacities between 3kg and 5kg are best suited to smaller families and couples. 6kg to 8kg capacity tumble dryers are ideal for households with over four members. 9kg-capacity (and higher) tumble dryers are best for large families or group housing (such as university residences).

Vented Vs Condenser Tumble Dryer
There are two main types of tumble dryers: vented and condenser.

Vented tumble dryers dispose of any damp air produced in the cycle through a hose to the outside of your home. They use less energy and are generally less expensive than condenser hoods but they have to be fitted near a window or an external wall. If you live in a flat or terraced house, vented tumble dryers may not be a viable option.

Condenser tumble dryers send the damp air into a separate container within the appliance. When fitting a condenser tumble dryer, there is much more flexibility. You can install it in any room in your home that is well-ventilated. Many newer models feature heat pumps which consume less energy.

Energy Rating
Always be on the lookout for a tumble dryer with a rating of A+ to A+++. This will ensure that the appliance operates efficiently, using minimal energy to dry your clothes in order to save you money on your household bills. You can also save on energy usage by:

  • Drying full loads
  • Using a high spin speed
  • Drying your clothes outside when possible
  • Untangling all of your clothes when you take them out of the washer
  • Cleaning out the lint filter after every use

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