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Carron Phoenix

Carron Phoenix

Today, Carron Phoenix is known as a leading sink manufacturer, providing high-quality washbasins for kitchens across Europe. However, you should know that the roots of this company can be traced back to 1759, when it was founded as an iron foundry in Falkirk, Scotland. Wth hundreds of years experience in manufacturing, Carron Phoenix can be counted on to create a long-lasting, high-quality and hard-wearing appliances.

What is most interesting about Carron Phoenix is its experience in create non-household items. For example, the company manufacturered the UK's iconic red telephone booths and post boxes. Carron Phoenix also build the 'Carronades' that were used on Lord Nelson's HMS Victory. The company's experience is very impressive, and it certainly gives you an idea of the quality that you can expect when you purchase sinks and taps from Carron Phoenix.

You can also rest assured that you're doing your small part for the environment when you buy a Carron Phoenix sink. Over the years, the kitchen sink supplier has been commended for its dedication to energy efficient manufacturing. In 2008, the Carron Phoenix was recognised by the Scottish Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Awards.

From taps to disposals and all types of accessories, the company offers up a comprehensive catalogue of products. At Ship It Appliances, we carry dozens of Carron Phoenix sinks in a wide range of designs and finishes to suit all types of kitchens across the UK. We're always adding new products, so check back often for new models.


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