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Over a Century of Manufacturing

Hoover Known around the world, Hoover has celebrated over 100 years of making quality appliances for the home.

Hoover Foundation

Hoover Hoover has helped Childline charity shops nationwide, and regularly assists with on-going activities. The Hoover Foundation also supports the Welsh Young Consumer of the Year.

1,350 UK employees

Hoover Originally founded in Ohio in 1908, Hoover Limited became a registered company in the UK in 1919, and now have over 1,350 employees showing their success nationally and especially within the UK.

Forward Thinking

Hoover Creating today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow! Hoover are forward thinking to ensure they meet the growing consumer needs.

Why buy Hoover from us?

Hoover are one of our recommended brands because they offer top quality appliances at very affordable prices.
Hoover have continued to work hard to develop their brand into the multi-category company that it is today. And we work hard with Hoover to ensure all their products are readily available for you.


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