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CDA ECH91SS 90cm Chimney Cooker Hood Extractor in Stainless Steel

Price: £129.99 Incl VAT (FREE Delivery to 99% of the UK)   Was: £154.99 | Save: £25.00 (16%)

Product Features

  • Ducted/ re-circulating installation

  • 3 speeds

  • Push button control

  • Twin fan motor

  • Lighting: 2 x 50W halogen lights


CDA ECH91SS 90cm Chimney Cooker Hood Extractor in Stainless Steel

This CDA cooker hood is the perfect choice for those who seek a cooker hood which is sleek in design, excellent in performance and at a relatively low price.

Designed with customers in mind, the ECH91 stainless steel 90cm cooker hood works in favour of its customers, by providing them with a convenient appliance. To top of this fantastic product, its stainless steel design is sure to complement existing kitchen appliances, regardless of the brand!

When you make this purchase, you can look forward to fantastic features such as…
- 3-speed push button controls
- Two 50w halogen lights, and…
- Aluminium grease filters

Keep your cooker hood crisp, clean and grease-free with every use, thanks to the inclusion of the aluminium grease filters. These work effectively to prevent the accumulation of unwanted grease in your cooker hood, maintaining its glow. For those who dislike cleaning, your life is about to be made simpler! The filters are dishwasher-proof, meaning ease of maintenance is made practically effortless.

In addition, you can take part in a more enjoyable, less stressful cooking experience when you make this purchase. The 3-speed push button controls contribute towards this new and improved experience, as they work quickly and effectively to eradicate steam from your kitchen. This means you can experiment with your cooking, without the worry of excess steam in your kitchen. Switch between economical air filtration and powerful air extraction and look forward to a fresh kitchen environment in a matter of minutes.

And it doesn’t stop there…

  • Experimenting with your cooking has been made easier, thanks to the inclusion of the two 50w halogen lights! Shedding an ideal lighting over your cooking area, you can keep a close eye on what’s cooking on the hob below.
  • Both working to keep your kitchen fresh, this model offers the choice between ducted and recirculated installation. Purchase a ducting kit or charcoal filters, respectively, before checkout, and return your kitchen to freshness in no time! And…
  • A 5 year parts 2 year labour guarantee is offered with this model, ensuring customers remain 100% happy with their purchase for years to come!

CDA ECH91SS 90cm Chimney Cooker Hood Extractor in Stainless Steel


Ducting kit code: AED61/63/64
Charcoal filter for re-circulation: CHA24 (pack of 2)

Rated electrical power: 240W
Required height over gas hobs: 700mm (min)
Required height over electric hobs: 600mm (min)
Motor Input: 140W
Power supply: 3A
Outlet diameter: 150mm

Extraction rate: 427m3/hr
Noise level: 64dBA
Extraction rate at first speed: 265m3/hr
Noise level at first speed: 60dBA
Extraction rate at second speed: 323m3/hr
Noise level at second speed: 62dBA
Extraction rate at third speed: 427m3/hr
Noise level at third speed: 64dBA

Energy rating: E

Number of lights: 2

Number of grease filters: 3
Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
Charcoal filter code: CHA24
Ducting kit: AED61/63/64

WEEE Category: 01


CDA was established in 1991 with the goal of providing customers with a higher standard of kitchen appliances.
Designers and engineers at CDA have prioritised three major principals: style, performance and innovation.
So, when you purchase CDA kitchen appliances, you’ll get products that are reliable, modern and eye-catching.

Innovative technology developed by CDA has had an industry-wide effect. For example, CDA was the first company to develop automatic multi-spark gas hobs in 1998.
Today, they are now the industry standard. This commitment to innovation has earned CDA top honours from industry leaders,
including the 2005 with the Manufacturers’ Award for Design, Innovation and Functionality.
CDA is one of the fastest-growing kitchen appliances brands in the United Kingdom.
The company continually strives to develop technologically innovative and aesthetically-pleasing products.
There are hundreds of CDA appliances to choose from, and Ship It Appliances offers up an extensive selection.

Ship It Appliances stocks nearly 400 top-of-the-line kitchen appliances from CDA.
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