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Island Cooker Hoods

A stylish island cooker hood can be the perfect way to round off your dream kitchen. At Ship It Appliances we have a selection of great island extractor hoods, including elegant and high quality models from CDA.

Choose from a number of designs to suit your kitchen, for example, a sleek chimney island cooker hood in stainless steel, with an extractor set-up that transfers the greasy air and cooking smells outside – this also prevents condensation and grease build-up in your kitchen.

Alternatively, you may prefer the softer look of the curved glass island cooker hood with a stainless steel frame. The beauty of our selection is that you can choose from a variety of choices to perfectly complement the layout and appliances in your kitchen.

These island style cooker hoods are incredibly convenient, offer good air flow, and have minimal running costs. Unlike recirculated hoods, they do not contain charcoal filters which would need replacing. This makes them a great choice if the layout of your kitchen allows for external extraction by means of having access to an external wall for the installation of a duct.

Five Year Warranty

For peace of mind we offer a 5 year warranty on the island cooker hoods that we stock at Ship It Appliances, so should the unlikely happen and a fault develops, you are covered by the warranty. We also offer free delivery to most parts of the UK. So, why not browse our selection of kitchen extractor hoods, and start designing your ideal kitchen today?


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