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Electric Hobs

Quality CDA Electric Hobs From Ship It Appliances

Electric hobs are an affordable and efficient solution to your cooking needs. These models are similar to ceramic hobs but feature individual hotplates instead of a flat glass surface.  The benefits of electric hobs include:

·         Durable, stainless steel finish: easy to clean and will last for many years.

·         Rapid heating time: electric hobs will reach your desired temperature in no time, and will remain stable at that temperature unless you choose to change it.

·         Low maintenance: simply wipe the hotplate clean once it has cooled down. Electric hobs are very low maintenance and are unlikely to be damaged during daily use.

·         Safety features: most of the hobs we sell have safety features that will shut the hob off if left unattended.

·         Improved energy efficiency: unlike gas hobs, which release a lot of heat into the air, electric hobs retain a large portion of the heat ‘in the plate’. This means they burn less energy overall.

At Ship It Appliances we stock a large selection of CDA electric hobs as well as our own brand, SIA. Choose from space-saving 30cm models and bigger multi-hotplate designs for busy kitchens. We’re confident you will be able to find the perfect hob for your kitchen.


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