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Gas Hobs

High Quality CDA Gas Hobs From Ship It Appliances

At Ship It Appliances we are proud to offer a wide selection of gas hobs, including classic four-burners, two-burner hobs for smaller kitchens and five or six burner hobs for use in busier, bigger kitchens. Many home owners prefer gas over electric hobs because they offer even heat distribution and instant temperature control. Some of the key benefits of gas hobs include:

·         Fast cooking: A gas hob will transmit heat directly to your pan so there’s no need to wait for it to heat up.

·         Low heat emissions: When you turn off a gas hob, it stops producing heat immediately, and will cool off quickly.

·         Even heating: The central flame on the gas hob offers even heat distribution across your cookware.

·     Accurate temperature control: It’s easy to micromanage temperatures because, as you increase or decrease the heat, the device responds instantly, meaning there’s no waiting for the hot plate to cool down.

Our selection of gas hobs includes black, white and stainless steel designs as well as some stylish glass hobs. Choose from our own brand of SIA appliances, including oven, hob and hood packs that will help you save money if you’re renovating your kitchen. Alternatively, CDA gas hobs offer designer style and high-end performance at an affordable price from a household name you can trust.

We offer free delivery to 99 percent of UK addresses, and you can shop with confidence thanks to our five-year guarantee.

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