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ISE 3in1



Relax and let the 3N1 hot tap do the work

3 simple water functions from a single premium product. The
InSinkErator® 3N1 kitchen hot tap completely eliminates the time and
energy lost waiting for the kettle to boil, while the versatility to switch
straight to hot and fresh cold water contributes to countless other
tasks from cooking to cleaning.


       Fresh Cold Water                               Regular Hot Water                          Steaming Filtered Hot Water

Up to 98°C filtered steaming hot
water - the perfect temperature

You will ever wonder how you even did it without the 3N1 hot tap
before. use the right amount of water at the push of a lever - saving
you time and energy at every use.


         Prepare Baby Bottles                             Removing Grease                       Preparing Pasta / Noodles / Rice


Add Extra Shine To Glass                          Blanching Vegtables                              Cooking Vegtables

And many more
• Prepare hot soups
• Create gravies, sauces and soups
• Thaw frozen food and warm ice
cream scoops
• Re-hydrate dried food
• Remove lids from jars
• Remove labels from containers

Add a Personal Touch Of Colour In Your Kitchen

Be ready to make a statement in your kitchen with the new 3N1
Colour Collection.

Designed with the same quality and standard as the orginal 3N1, you
can now be even more colourful and vibrant. Whether you choose
between the traditional Natural Stone, Bright Orange or sleek Pearl
White, they will bring impressive reactions anytime.