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Whether you have a modern or traditional style kitchen, at Ship It Appliances we have the perfect sink to suit your needs. Our range includes sinks crafted from ceramic, granite, composite and stainless steel.

Sinks are typically described as being under-mount or top-mount. An under-mount sink is fitted below the worktop for a seamless, ultra-sleek finish. This design is recommended if you have marble, granite or ceramic worktops and are after a flush, contemporary finish.

Top-mounted sinks are well-suited to more traditional kitchen designs.


Stainless steel kitchen sinks are an affordable, durable choice that will suit any style of kitchen. They are resistant to stains and scratching, and are really easy to clean.  Granite sinks are also incredibly durable, and are available in a range of stylish colours.


In addition to sinks, we stock under-sink waste disposal units which can help to cut your household waste by up to 20 percent. These easy to use, practical units can save you time and help protect the environment, too.


We offer free delivery to 99% of the UK and the sinks we stock come with generous guarantees.


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