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CDA AKD01 Kitchen Sink Waste Disposal Unit

Price: £134.99 Incl VAT (FREE Delivery to 99% of the UK)

Product Features

  • Compatible with all CDA Sinks except KSC Models


  CDA AKD01 Kitchen Sink Waste Disposal Unit

 The AKD01 is a CDA waste disposal unit that will significantly reduce your food waste.
 It performs a very valuable function, which not only benefits your household but also helps you do your
 part for the environment. By reducing household waste by up to 20%, waste disposals reduce the need
 for rubbish collection lorries – so, in turn, they help to eliminate pollution and emissions.
 This model is easy to install and use, in addition to being very affordable to run on a daily basis.
 Overall, the CDA AKD01 will make for a great addition to any UK home.

  Waste disposal unit
 1/2 horsepower
 380 Watts

Compatible with all CDA Sinks except KSC Models


CDA was established in 1991 with the goal of providing customers with a higher standard of kitchen appliances.
Designers and engineers at CDA have prioritised three major principals: style, performance and innovation.
So, when you purchase CDA kitchen appliances, you’ll get products that are reliable, modern and eye-catching.

Innovative technology developed by CDA has had an industry-wide effect. For example, CDA was the first company to develop automatic multi-spark gas hobs in 1998.
Today, they are now the industry standard. This commitment to innovation has earned CDA top honours from industry leaders,
including the 2005 with the Manufacturers’ Award for Design, Innovation and Functionality.
CDA is one of the fastest-growing kitchen appliances brands in the United Kingdom.
The company continually strives to develop technologically innovative and aesthetically-pleasing products.
There are hundreds of CDA appliances to choose from, and Ship It Appliances offers up an extensive selection.

Ship It Appliances stocks nearly 400 top-of-the-line kitchen appliances from CDA.
Whether your kitchen requires a new hob, dishwasher, fridge-freezer or oven, you will find the perfect CDA appliance to suit your needs here.