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Free Standing Wine Coolers

A freestanding wine cooler is a great way to display the finest parts of your wine collection, allowing you to keep it fresh and ready to drink, while keeping the bottles to hand so you can see at a glance what you have in your collection. Our free standing wine coolers feature flexible temperature controls and handy displays so you can take good care of your wine and ensure it’s always ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

Wine tastes best when served at the right temperature, but unfortunately most standard fridges are simply too cold. That’s why so many wine lovers are turning to dedicated wine fridges instead. Our range includes compact freestanding wine coolers that will fit into even the tightest of spaces, as well as bigger units that can store up to 126 bottles. These stylish units look great on display, and are sure to impress your guests.

At Ship It Appliances, we take pride in selecting only the best brands, including CDA: a brand that’s known for offering quality and style at a great price. We offer free delivery to 99% of the UK, and the products we stock all have generous manufacturer’s guarantees. So, wine lovers –why not treat yourself to a stylish freestanding chiller? Whether your kitchen is large or small, we have something that will help you to take great care of your bottles, and enjoy your wine at the temperature and in the condition it was meant to be served. 


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