Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 31st Dec 2015

3D printing is one of the great new innovations of the last decade. It allows for designers to create much more unique and elaborate items by simply designing them through software and then printing them into 3D objects. While 3D printing is typically more prominent in ornament and collectables markets, the kitchen design industry has also seen a rise in the 3D printing of kitchen plans.

3D printing has allowed for a much greater freedom in terms of design possibilities for kitchen fittings, and while the areas utilising it are currently small, they are certainly interesting. For the most part, small fittings and some minor furnishings are being created with 3D printing in a range of materials and vivid designs.

It’s becoming increasingly easy to blend the worlds of design and functionality using 3D printing. You can have much more ornate fixtures than ever before, allowing you to perfectly match them with ornaments and art work featured in your kitchen.

One company already offering 3D printed fixtures is American Standard who, earlier this year, released a range of 3D printed taps.

While taps have become more aesthetically varied over the years, 3D printing opens up a whole new spectrum of possibility. Classical, ornate taps can be replaced by vivd and almost surreal pieces that will become focal points in your kitchen.

Where doorknobs on your cabinets have always been chosen for functionality rather than design, 3D printing allows for a total change. Door knobs can become interesting focal points of your cabinets and if you have chosen to have any painted designs on or around your cabinets, you can mirror these with unique doorknobs.

The possibilities of 3D printing, whilst still developing, look to be endless: if someone can imagine it, it can now be created. And while only a handful of large kitchen manufacturers currently offer this service, there are many smaller businesses offering commissioned designs and printing to help people visualise and choose the right design for their kitchen.

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