Kitchen design trends are fast and ever changing, whether it be colour trends, materials or layouts, theres always new ideas being thrown around. Today we’re going to go over Six of the freshest trends and ideas for refreshing your kitchen backsplashes.

  1. Darker and more “moody” colours have been growing in popularity in terms of interior design. An interesting way of incorporating this into your kitchen is to use blacks subway tiles, alone or coupled with black cupboards, these titles can create a unique and moody statement.
  2. Metallic tiling has been rising in popularity and using them in backsplashes and contrasting that with natural wood cupboards helps to create a subtle but glamorous tone. The balance of metal and wood is a classic combination.
  3. An industrial vintage look can be achieved by using Tin tiles. Commonly used for ceilings, tin tiles can help create a very unique look. Whether you want to leave them
  4. Keeping in touch with this new industrial trend, bare brick can be a unique and rustic way of keeping your kitchen fresh. Bare Brick can give a rustic farmhouse feel or an urban industrial feel, it all depends on what accompanies it.
  5. While it doesn’t seem an obvious choice due to low resistance to water, Wallpaper can be an interesting choice for backsplashes. If you use acrylic or glass as a panelling, wallpaper can act as an interesting backer and with a wide variety of styles theres a wide range of choice.
  6. Marble, while expensive, can create a very sophisticated look and has managed to stand the test of time as a “classic” look. While it is a wonderful choice, finding the perfect slab for you can take a long time and coupled with the price tag, marble is quite a large commitment.

Its clear to see from these six styles alone that Kitchen backsplashes can be much more of an design canvas than people think and whatever your budget and sense of style, theres likely to be the perfect style for you if you want to spend the time. 

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