Alternative Uses for Your Microwave

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 24th Apr 2017

We all know what a microwave is for: bringing food up to the correct temperature. You might also use it to do some rudimentary cooking – you’ll be able to bake a potato in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting around for an hour, for instance – but did you know a microwave can do so much more than cook?

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Warm up oranges and lemons

As a citrus fruit warms, it’ll emit more juice and fragrance. Prick a microwaved lemon with a knife and then place it inside a chicken cavity before roasting to ensure the interior of the carcass is nice and juicy.

Warm plates

There’s nothing more likely to ruin a carefully prepared meal than a cold plate which sucks the heat right out of the food. Put a few droplets of water on your plates and stack them atop one another. When the water vaporises, your plates will heat up, evenly and consistently.

Warm a heat pack

Do you know those pouches filled with heat-retaining beads? Microwave them and they’ll heat up, allowing you to slip them inside a pouch and take them to bed (or anywhere you’re likely to feel a bit cold). This is much more convenient, and safer, than a hot water bottle –just be careful that you don’t singe your fingers when removing it from the microwave.

Melt old crayons

If you’re the proud owner of fragments of crayon that aren’t getting much use, melting them into a single blob could make them useable again. You might need to experiment with different moulds to get the best results from this one.

Removing candle wax

If you’ve spilled candle wax, you have two options. First, you might try freezing the object it’s spilt onto and then picking off the dried-up remnants. Second, you might try to melt the wax in the microwave (just ensure that whatever you place in the microwave is microwave safe).

Disinfect a sponge

If you’ve cleaned a sponge, you’ll probably have removed most of the visible dirt, but some bacteria might remain. To thoroughly clean your sponge and kill all the offending germs, simply pop it into the microwave.

Disinfect a chopping board

By the same token, you can disinfect a chopping board by blasting it in the microwave. Scrub it with the cut side of a lemon (one you’ve already squeezed the juice from), stick it in the microwave for around a minute, and it’ll emerge squeaky clean. This method is particularly useful if you’ve been chopping raw meats, like chicken.

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