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Is your kitchen a little on the small side?  If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are ways to minimise the problem – both by investing in certain sorts of appliance, and by making use of some clever space-saving strategies.  Let’s investigate a little further.

Space-saving sinks

There are many items in a kitchen that we could – if really pushed – do without.  A sink is not one of them. 

Fortunately, a kitchen sink needn’t swallow up your entire space.  To save space, we might opt for a smaller sink, like this stylish and one from Astracast.  It comes with a matching accessory kit which incorporates a chopping board and drainer, which frees up more space on your counter.  Alternatively, you might consider this sliding-rail sink, which can be covered when not in use in order to create additional counter-space. 

sliding rail sink

Built-in Appliances

There are many items that a self-respecting kitchen simply cannot do without.  That’s why so many of us find our countertops and floors littered with toasters, microwaves, fridges, breadbins, coffee-makers, and a host of other devices all designed to make life in the kitchen easier.  Have enough of these items and you might find, ironically, that you lack the space to get any use out of them.  Fortunately, there’s a way to get the functionality of these items without sacrificing the space we need. 

Integrated appliances are those that are built into the kitchen itself.  For example, you might slot your fridge, dishwasher or washing-machine in alongside your cupboards, covering them with a matching door.  This creates a seamless appearance and saves space. You could even have some appliances built into the walls themselves – literally allowing you to create space where none existed before! 

This microwave from CDA, for example, is built-in, and it can also function as a grill, saving even more space.  You might also consider a built-in oven from the same manufacturer; they’re available in both single and double versions, and make a great match for our integrated hobs, which are available in cast iron and induction form.  Finally, if you’re looking to a convenient way to do the washing up, then this built in slim-line dishwasher might offer a solution.

slimline dishwasher

Compact Appliances

While integrated and built-in appliances are a popular choice, there are many reasons why freestanding items might suit you better.  Perhaps:

·         You don’t want to have to carry out any modifications to your kitchen.

·         You’re renting and you’re not able to.

·         You simply prefer the way that a freestanding item looks.

Freestanding items are available in many different shapes and sizes – and you might free up a great deal of space in your kitchen by opting for a narrower design.  This Baumatic Space-Saving Cooker, or this Hotpoint Twin Cavity Gas Cooker, for example, are just half a metre wide – making them a perfect solution for those looking for a compact means of cooking up a storm.

Scaling back your cooker hood

Of course, downsizing your hob will allow you greater scope to select a smaller cooker hood.  If you’re installing your hood into a smaller kitchen, you’ll also be able to downsize safely, as a smaller room requires a smaller hood in order for it to operate effectively. 

At Ship It, we have a range of different sized extractors– right down to super-compact 50cm designs.  Ideally, you’ll want a hood that’s slightly larger than you actually need – so be sure to consider the surrounding cupboard space before making the switch.


Washing machines and tumble driers consume an enormous amount of floor space – which is why many choose to dispense with the latter.  But this needn’t be the case – you can just buy a washer dryer instead, like this free standing model from CDA (pictured below).  As well as saving you precious floor space, this solution will also save time that might otherwise be spent loading and unloading.

white washer dryer


We shouldn’t forget that a large bulk of a kitchen’s floorspace is consumed not by appliances, but by storage. 

Aficionados might want the luxury of having their wine kept at a specific temperature – but when space is at a premium, this option might prove a luxury too far.  Fortunately, this needn’t be so – with the help of compact solutions like this slimline wine cooler you’ll be able to enjoy a properly chilled Pinot Grigio in even the cosiest of kitchens.

One of the main disadvantages of kitchen cupboards is that the items stored in the back are inaccessible.  If you’ve ever been searching for that spare tin of chickpeas in a cupboard that’s crammed to bursting with fifty cans of every sort of bean imaginable, then you might be familiar with this pain.  This is where compact, slim, pull-out pantries come into their own.  Consisting of a single vertical drawer, filled with racks of tins, bottles, packets and jars, they’re able to give you convenient access to the ingredients you need without compromising on space.

Vertical Space

It’s also worth considering the space we might create by simply moving the items in our kitchen from the countertop to the walls.  A knife block, for example, might consume a square-foot or so of counter space.  Why not make the switch to a magnetised, wall-mounted strip, and thereby free that space up for other things?  The same can be said of all of the ladles, spoons and spatulas that you have crammed into your kitchen cupboards, as well as your pots and pans.  By hanging these items on wall-mounted hooks, or even suspended from the ceiling, you’ll be able to free up valuable cupboard space, which in turn might free up even more space on your countertop. 

hanging pan rack

With some creative thinking, you’ll be able to rearrange your kitchen so that it’s more spacious than ever!



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