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 It’s that time of year again, the new school term is starting and its a good time to start thinking up some new, exciting and healthy lunches. We have provided you with some inspiration to help up grade from the same old sandwiches.

Before you start making healthy lunches for your children, you need to think about what kind of things they already like and dislike, you can then build from this. Remember if they say they like something healthy, don’t make them become tired or bored of it!

A good way to get your children to eat more vegetables is to cut them up and serve them with a dip. Hummus is ideal and is quite simple to make at home! If hummus isn’t for them you could try sprucing it up maybe if they like smoky flavours add some paprika or other spices they may like. You could also try cottage cheese or if they are very fussy and prefer something a little less healthy like ketchup, make sure its reduced sugar and that they actually eat their vegetables! As for the vegetables carrots and cucumber work really well, and children usually prefer a crunch so there is usually no need to cook the carrots.

Do your children usually have crisps or biscuits at break time? Popcorn is a good snack and can be very versatile too, allowing your child to have either sweet or savoury flavours (or both!) changing the flavours is a good way to keep this snack fresh and its easy to make at home.

However you decide to upgrade your child’s lunch make sure you check that its not too high in saturated fats and sugar. You can check the NHS ‘Change 4 Life’ Website for some more recipe inspiration.

For some more inspiration or information, then please get in touch with Ship it Appliances and we will be more than happy to help.  

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