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Bosch is on the cutting-edge of kitchen appliance innovations, always developing new technology to benefit homeowners. Last week, the company added one more innovative to its repertoire by providing a sneak peek of its new Home Connect capabilities at the IFA show in Berlin.


Remote Control Function
This function is quite self-explanatory. You can use your smartphone or tablet computer to control various appliances in your home. For example, you can turn on the dishwasher or check the progress of your laundry cycle from your mobile device. You can also carry out a diagnostic using your smartphone, in order to identify potential issues with your appliances.

Recipes  Function
The Recipes function is new to the market, and it is something that we haven’t seen before. The user places food in the oven and then uses their Home Connect app to search for a recipe. The recipe is then sent to the oven and the food will cook automatically.

Home Connect Products
The first products that will be equipped to work with the new Home Connect app will be the Series 8 range. Ovens and dishwashers will be the first appliances released in the Series 8 range. They were first unveiled at IFA, and these appliances are impressive all on  their own – even without the Home Connect capability. They should be available in stores in December 2014.

One of the best things about Home Connect is that it will be able to control all types of smart appliances – whether or not they have been designed by Bosch. Currently, apps like Samsung Smart Home and LG Smart Thinq are only designed to work with their own appliances – but Bosch Home Connect will be able to work with Samsung, LG, GE and any other brands that manufacture smart appliances.

The new Home Connect application will be available for iOS devices in November 2014. We can expect an Android release towards the start of 2015.



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