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BSH, the manufacturer of Bosch and Siemens appliances, will be launching a new app called HomeConnect, which will allow users to control all brands of appliances from their smart phones. Being able to use your smartphone to control your kitchen appliances seems like something out of a sci-fi movie – but, the future is now and HomeConnect is making this technology a reality.  

Earlier this year, Samsung and LG both launched similar smartphone systems. Their apps allow users to control various kitchen and home appliances remotely using a mobile device. The only limitation for these apps is that they were only functional within their own brand. The LG app would only work with LG appliances, and the same restrictions applied for the Samsung app.

According to HomeConnect Project Leader Dr Claudia Happ, research has shown that 90% of customers have home appliances from various brands in their homes. 66% of those customers would like to have one app that controls all of them.

As an open platform system, HomeConnect will allow all manufacturers to use this technology. This awards the customer more convenience, as they would be able to control all of their appliances using one program. It would streamline home connectivity, making it easier for users to adapt the technology – and we anticipate that it would catch on much more quickly this way.

The new HomeConnect platform will debut at the IFA, the world’s home appliances and consumer electronics trade show, which will take place in September 2014. The service will be rolled out in Germany later this year. Bosch has stated the app will be released in another nation but has yet to reveal the name of the mystery country. Initially, the HomeConnect will only be available on iOS devices, and it will be available on Android devices by 2014.

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