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In the current economic climate, it can be difficult to get those kitchen renovations you’ve been wanting. It can be daunting and confusing to try renovating yourself, but you may be surprised how simple it can be. The key is to start small.

When first attempting to renovate yourself, its unrealistic to expect to be able to install a new oven, theres no point trying to run before you can walk. In many instances, simple touches can make all the difference.

An easy way to start is by trying some new minor fixtures. Cabinets can be refreshed with simple additions such as new handles and hinges, try a new type of metal or maybe a new design style.

Faucets can be another way to spruce up your kitchen area. There are a huge variety of faucets, in terms of design and functionality. Trying a new faucet that functions differently from what you are used to can be an interesting way or keeping things fresh.

Light fixtures are just as much a feature of a kitchen as any other appliance, as such, new light fixtures can be an interesting way to make a change. New lamp shades are a cheap and effective way of adding something new to the room. Like with the cabinet handles, new light switches can also be something interesting to look at, and with the right tools they can be installed incredibly cheaply. Why not try replacing your old switches with dimmer switches?

Small fixtures such as new hinges, faucets and handles can be surprisingly cheap and this can be useful if your thinking of trying several different types.

One of the simplest things you can do to spruce up a kitchen is to try a new colour scheme. Whether this be for your walls, cabinets, flooring and any combination of the three, a new paint job can make a huge difference.

If a simple repaint isn’t for you, Stencils can be an easy way to add a bit of a unique flair. You can buy stencils or try making them yourself out of wood or card. Paint can be cheap depending on brand and quantity which again, is good if your wanting to try a few different things.

As with any DIY, the more you try, the easier things become and the braver you’ll be, simply changing a cabinet handle could lead to the confidence to try installing a new oven yourself or even larger projects. The next step up would be implementing some cheap kitchen appliances into your newly furnished kitchen. If you already have any appliances in mind, then it may be interesting to try theming your cheap renovations around your appliance, if your appliance is drastically different from your decor, these small, themed renovations can be a way of trying out the style before installing the appliances.  

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