Chilli Peppers as Superheroes

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 12th Jul 2018

Big, small, fiery or delicate – chillies come in a variety of unique flavours, shapes, colours and heat! Whilst some of these chillies have descriptive names, e.g “The Purple Beauty” (hint: it’s purple and beautiful), others have the strangest names:

  • The Carolina Reaper
  • Bolivian Rainbow
  • Infinity
  • Komodo Dragon
  • Naga Viper
  • Red Amazon
  • Tiger Paw

Inspired by these marvellous names, we couldn’t help notice they sounded remarkably like superheroes and villains. Who wouldn’t want to see the mighty Bolivian Rainbow take on the nefarious Carolina Reaper? So, never ones to turn down an opportunity to get creative, we grabbed a beer from the fridge, got out our colouring pencils, and reimagined some of the stranger chilli names as superheroes! Enjoy!

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper chilli cartoon

When the Reaper calls: you answer. His searing scythe slices with the ferocity of hell itself – leaving you praying for death. The world’s hottest chilli delivers a deceptively fruity first bite, followed by molten lava. Not one for the faint hearted!

Scoville Rating: 1,400,000 – 2,200,000

Location: South Carolina, USA


Infinity chilli cartoon

Capable of inflicting enduring dizziness and headaches on his enemies, Infinity strikes with a relentless inferno of heat and nausea. The Infinity chilli packs a delayed, yet intense heat which can cause hallucinations on its ‘victims’!

Scoville Rating: 1,067,286 – 1,250,000

Location: Lincolnshire, UK

Birds Eye

birds eye chilli cartoon

Fast and flighty, slender yet smouldering – watch out for this winged-wonder’s fiery bird seeds! The small, colourful Bird’s Eye chillies have a lean, tapered shape and a hot, if fleeting, fieriness.

Scoville Rating: 100,000 – 225,000

Location: Ethiopia, SE Asia

Madame Jeanette

Madame Jeanette chilli cartoon

This South American sorceress bewitches her victims with her tropical sweetness before unleashing an intense and fiery assault. The Madame Jeanette pepper packs a heat up to 130 times hotter than the jalapeño! The heat starts from the first bite and lasts until way after the last.

Scoville Rating: 125,000 – 325,000

Location: Suriname, South America

Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet Chilli cartoon

Short, stout and savage; this Scotsman has a fiery reputation, with a temper to match! Watch out for his blazing bagpipes! The infamous Scotch Bonnet is a staple of Caribbean cuisine, with a heat similar to the jalapeño.

Scoville Rating: 100,000 – 350,000

Location: The Caribbean

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream chilli pepper

AKA The Orange Crush. Always the good guy; sharp and sweet, but built like a rocket and ready to fight for what’s right when the time comes. A low-heat, super sweet chilli with a distinctive rocket-shape and striking orange colour.

Scoville Rating: 0 – 100

Location: USA

Tiger Paw

Tiger Paw chilli cartoon

Born out of fire, this tiger’s no pussy cat – she packs a punch so watch her claws! Extra-hot and extra-orange, Tiger Paw chillies are a super-resistant variety of the habanero.

Scoville Rating: 265,000

Location: USA

Trinidad Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion chilli cartoon

A small island boy with a big reputation, this boy’s got wicked looks and sting in his tail. Indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago, the Scorpion is named after the pointed end of the pepper, which resembles a scorpion’s stinger.

Scoville Rating: 1,463,700

Location: Trinidad & Tobago

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