Choosing the Right Kitchen Taps

Purchasing a kitchen tap may seem like an easy decision – until you see the wide range of choices available. The decision requires more than picking out a style that will complement your sink’s design and kitchen décor. There are many other features that factor into it:

Single Vs Dual Flow

Kitchen taps will either single flow or dual flow. In a single flow tap, the hot and cold water mix within the body of the tap. The water will be mixed to the ideal temperature upon emerging from the tap, and the appliance presents an overall better flow rate.

In a dual flow tap, the hot water runs through a separate pipe and the cold water runs along the outside. The water mixes only after it has left the tap, but it minimises the chance of backflow and stops the tap from becoming too hot.

Pillar Vs Monobloc

In the UK, most kitchens are fitted with pillar taps – two separate taps for hot and cold water. These tend to be considered less effective as the water does not mix until it is in the actual basin. However, it is more affordable to purchase a new set of pillar taps than fit out your kitchen with plumbing for a Monobloc tap.

A Monobloc tap is also known as a mixer. It is a single tap in which hot and cold water are mixed before emerging from the spout. The temperature can be controlled with either a single lever or dual dials.

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Special Features


Many taps are fitted with aerators, which control the flow of the water. They ensure a champagne flow, which is smooth and reduces water wastage over time.

Water Filter

You can purchase a tap with a built-in water filter. They keep your water clean and free of impurities. If you tend to purchase bottled water regularly, a water filter tap may be the best choice for your household.

Hot Water

Hot water taps are a relatively new innovation, which deliver hot water on demand. They eliminate the need for a settle, and offer up boiling water whenever you need it. You can save a great deal of time when preparing hot drinks or boiling vegetables.

Pull Out Spray

Pull out spray taps can make cleaning a breeze. They allow you to control the water with just one hand and offer up more flexibility. It is easier to fill up a mop bucket or water plants with a pull out spray tap than with a regular stationary tap.



Brass is a material that is resistant to corrosion and rust, so it is very long-lasting. You can either find taps that retain their golden brass finish or feature a chrome finish for a more modern look.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a less expensive material, but it is still very hard-wearing. They are easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep them in great condition for years; however, they can rust.

7th Nov 2014 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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