Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 8th Dec 2015

Christmas is a time for lavish foods and the best way to frame your Christmas meal is with a unique centerpiece. Today we take a look at some centerpiece ideas to get your ideas flowing.


Combining pine cones, and pieces of wood and bark to form a faux woodland environment is a cosy idea, you can further this by adding small white woodland animals such as deer. These blank white animals can usually be picked up from craft shops as unpainted bases. You could paint them, however their base white is already Christmassy and their lack of detail will stand out amongst the textures of the wood.


Following the theme of woodland, you could use a log slice as a base to create a winter scene. Adding branches and candles can help create a semi wood fire effect.


Some people my not wish to “overdo it” if that's the case, simple white table cloth with a few sap buckets filled with sprigs of greenery and a few model deer can really creative a simple but effective Christmassy tone without being overly powerful.


Creating a huddle of jars can be a simple way of creating a nice centerpiece. Half filling the jars with Epsom salt and then filling some with cranberries and placing tea lights in others can create a warm atmosphere.


Simply adding a wreath to the centre of your table can create an instant Christmas feel, you could enhance this by placing a candle in its centre and possible some around the wreath itself.


While not a centerpiece, a nice way of leading onto your centerpiece is to decorate the frames of the doors leading into the room with either real of faux foliage. This could also be accented with some mild LED’s. 

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