Coffee And British Travel

Over the recent years, Coffee has begun to explode even more than before. With more and more people awakening a thirst for the black brew, coffee is now becoming commonplace in many homes, so much so that an estimated 5th of all UK homes own some for of coffee machine.

Along with coffee, travel has also become commonplace amongst the british public. Whether it be abroad or not, the British public love to travel.

From these two increasing trends an interesting issue has been born, the debate over coffee making facilities in british hotels. With so much care and attention put into the food standards of British hotels, many have begun to question why it is that there is so little in way of variety and quality in the coffee’s provided in these establishments.

We’ve all been to hotels and we know the usual kettle, teabags and sachets of coffee set up, and for some it is more than enough, but with more and more newfound aficionados starting their coffee journey, it is incredibly frustrating. In many instances, it is argued that in order to provide good coffee, large amounts of money have to be spent. This misconception is becoming increasingly frustrating.

There are a wide range of good quality ground coffees available for affordable prices and with the cheap and easy option of cafetieres, it seems strange that there is not more effort and investment made when it comes to coffee. Higher end hotels do often have filter machines in their rooms, which is excellent, however this is sadly not the case in smaller family run businesses as well as travelodge’s and other budget lodgings. Even without cafetieres or machines, it is possible to provide great quality coffee by way of specialised instant blends. A perfect example of these specialised brands are the Percol Fusion blends.

With more and more people speaking their minds on the issues, it can be assumed that some changes will occur over time.

5th Aug 2015 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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