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This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the launch of the first-ever Energy Star label for clothes dryers. Since dryers are some of the most energy-intensive kitchen appliances, it is important that homeowners are conscious are aware of which dryers will cut down on energy usage in their homes.

“Working with industry on innovative approaches to address our changing climate, we are helping consumers select more energy efficient appliances, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator.

Dryers that obtain the new label will use up to 20% less energy than the required standards the minimum efficiency standards. This will help homeowners save money on their bills and do their part to help their environment.

A number of criteria will determine which appliances receive the Energy Star label. The dryers must meet a minimum Combined Energy Factor (CEF) and have a cycle time of less than 80 minutes. Manufacturers will also be required to provide informational materials offer up guidance about cycles and settings, and which ones use more energy than others. Many tumble dryers that obtain the label are also likely to have heat pumps, which recycles air and eliminates the need for the machine to be ducting.

According to the EPA, if every dryer in the country were to meet the Energy Star label requirements, homeowners would save a combined $1.5 billion on their bills. It would also prevent 22 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

While Energy Star labels are only present on kitchen appliances in America, the addition of dryers to the program continues to stress the importance of investing in energy efficient appliances. Low-energy dryers like the Bosch EcoLogixx 7 Condenser Tumble Dryer not only help you save money on your household bills; they also help the environment by cutting down on emissions. 

For more detailed information on the new Energy Star Label, view the Clothes Dryers Specification.


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