Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 1st Oct 2015

Coffee is no longer just a beverage, coffee has become, to many people, a journey. More and more outlets are selling specialised coffee in a variety of forms and with this increase in coffee has come an increase in demand for coffee machines, so much so that it is estimated that a 5th of all UK homes now own some form of coffee machine.

With so many varieties of coffee, there comes a variety of machines and methods for brewing the perfect cup. In order to determine what type of machine you need, it is first essential to determine what type of coffee you enjoy. Whether your a coffee aficionado or just enjoy the casual cup, theres always a specific machine to suit your needs.

The main contenders in the coffee world are ground coffee, pods, espresso and beans. All four of these types of coffee require different brewing techniques. This short guide will help your discover which machine choice is bester for your preferred brewing method.


Filter Machines are a popular choice for people who are passionate about brewing good quality ground coffee. Filter machines brew the coffee by pouring heated water through paper cones filled with coffee. Filter machines come with a hot plate, allowing for a pot of coffee to be kept piping hot for as long as desired. Filter machines are great for places where coffee drinker congregate, from the living room to the office.


While not a machine, Cafetieres are a cheap method of brewing ground coffee. These small glass jugs are easy to use and inexpensive, but lack the brewing quality of larger machines. Caefetieres are great for individuals and couples.


Percolators use a specific method of heating to filter through the coffee as it heats. Percolators have been decreasing in popularity over recent years due to the increasing popularity of simpler machines. Percolators are ideal for larger families with space to accommodate these often very large machines.


A popular choice of machines for people who enjoy a good coffee but either aren’t as knowledgable, or just not as particular. Pod machines use pre made coffee pods to produce quick coffee. The main drawback of a Pod machine is the limited range of coffee. The quick and easy nature of these machines is perfect for newcomers to coffee and those who don’t take it too seriously.


Perfect for people who are passionate about espresso. Pump espresso machines are specifically designed to produce espresso. They often include a milk steaming feature. Espresso is a coffee that attracts those with a busy lifestyle, machines like these help to make the process that much easier.


Very similar to pump espresso machines,bean to cup machines are perfect for coffee purists who enjoy beans. Bean to cup machines take in beans and grind them before brewing. 

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