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By investing in energy efficient kitchen appliances, homeowners can help to do their part for the environment while helping to reduce their own household bills. Kitchen appliance manufacturer Franke has launched a new Greenline energy-efficiency standard for several of its cooker hood models.

The Greenline standard is a benchmark by which homeowners can determine just how energy efficient their appliances are. When an appliance meets Franke’s Greenline standard, shoppers will know that the product will result in significant energy savings over time.

With brushless motor technology, these cooker hoods help to cut back on energy usage in the home. This type of motor is known for using up less energy than motors in the average cooker hood, resulting in energy savings up worth up to 85%; it is also much quieter.

“Consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as saving money, are now prioritising energy efficiency,” said Franke communications manager Jeanette Ward. “We have responded by introducing brushless motor technology into our extractor hoods and we will continue to increase our portfolio of A+ and A-rated models.”

The Greenline standard cooker hood range from Franke now includes the new Maris Plus cooker hood range: Maris Plus, 60, 80, 90 and T-Shape kitchen extractor fans.  It also applies to Franke’s existing range of Sinos cooker hoods. All of these appliances have an A+ energy rating, so homeowners can rest assured that their kitchen extractors are using as little energy as possible to keep their homes clean and fresh.


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