Functional Kitchen Island Ideas

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 20th Mar 2015

A kitchen island can be more than an elegant design feature or a source of additional seating. Here are some helpful ideas for a functional kitchen islands.

Food Storage

A kitchen island can provide your home with additional food storage. The under counter refrigerators that are common in UK kitchens may not offer enough storage for your home – but you can use your kitchen island to accommodate another fridge or freezer. Many homeowners also choose to install a wine cooler in their kitchen islands, which is perfect for households that enjoy entertaining guests on a regular basis.


Having a hob on your kitchen island will make cooking more social. While cooking a meal for guests you can face your visitors and continue to engage in conversation. This is a great idea for homeowners who entertain on a regular basis. It also encourages you and your friends or family to cook as a group, as everyone can contribute to meal prep while sitting around the island. For smaller islands, you install a domino hob.


Installing a sink and taps on your kitchen island has similar sociable effect. As the host, the worst part of a dinner party is doing the washing up afterwards. The benefits of having a sink installed on the kitchen island is that it allows you to continue to socialising with your guests. They may even want to help with the cleaning!

Source: “Kitchen in elegant Washington Cream by Betta Living, on Flickr”

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