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A recent study by researchers at Oregon State University has found that kitchens with gas stoves suffer from a lack of ventilation, leading to an increased risk of asthma in children. According to the University Herald, the study’s researchers encourage homeowners to ensure that their kitchens are properly ventilated to reduce the risk of developing asthma.

In the United Kingdom, there are 5.4 million people suffering from asthma, 1.1 million of which are children. While asthma tends to be genetic, it can also be caused by aspects of modern lifestyle – and a few small changes can improve an asthma sufferer’s condition and even prevent a young person from developing asthma.

The study found that children who grow up in homes that use ventilation while cooking with gas hobs are 32% less likely to have asthma than children in homes that don’t use ventilation. They are 38% less likely to develop bronchitis at any point in their childhoods and 39% less likely to experience wheezing.

“Reducing exposure to environmental factors that can exacerbate asthma can help improve the quality of life for people with this condition,” says Molly Kile, the lead author of the study.

If you have a gas hob, it is important to ensure that you have the proper ventilation in your kitchen. This means having a cooker hood above the hob so that it can extract any fumes, odours and smoke that rise from the cooker as your prepare your meals. It is also important to ensure that your grease filter is always clear so that your cooker hood is always working optimally.


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