Guide to Freezer Meals

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 11th May 2015

A common myth among busy households is that home-cooked meals are too laborious and expensive. However, with a little help from your freezer, you can save time and money by preparing meals in advance.

Organise Your Freezer

Before you begin preparing your freezer meals, ensure that your freezer is completely cleared out – save for any essential items. Purchase plastic containers to store your meals, and zipper bags can be used to save space when storing sauces.

Plan Your Menu Every Week

Think of three or four meals that you would like to have over the course of the next week. Break down your list in terms of ingredients and purchase everything you need. For inspiration, here are a few of our favourite freezer meal recipes:

Do All Of Your Cooking In One Day

When preparing freezer meals, it is best to set aside a few hours on a day off. Cook all of the meals that you have planned for the week and store them away neatly in your freezer.

Label Your Meals

Ensure that you label your meals so that you know exactly what is in each container. Be sure to include the date that you cooked the meal. If you don’t get around to eating particular meals the week after you cooked them, they will stay for at least a few months. Over the weeks, you can accumulate a wide range of freezer meals, so you may be spoiled for choice!

Talk To Your Friends

Have a chat with your friends and neighbours to find out if anyone you know also prepares their meals in advance. You can trade dishes on a weekly basis – so, you will always have something new and exciting to look forward to!

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