Homeowners Happier With Updated Kitchens

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 24th Mar 2018

In a new study about 2015 kitchen trends, Houzz.co.uk has made some interesting findings about the needs and desires of UK homeowners. It found that households are happier after recently updating their kitchen, and identified some ways that you could give your kitchen new life with a few new touches.

Kitchen Renovations in the UK

The study has found that the majority of UK homeowners update their kitchens every 13 years. 23% of homeowners have performed kitchen renovations in the last 11 to 15 years. 21% upgraded their kitchen 16 to 30 years ago while 6% renovated their kitchens over 30 years ago.

The majority of homeowners have a budget between £5000 and £20 000 (48%). 17% of homeowners aim to spend between £20 000 and £40 000 while 26% are on a tight budget of less than £5000. Only 1% of homeowners have kitchen renovation budget that exceeds 1%.

Embracing New Innovations

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen the introduction of many new innovations for the kitchen. These new appliances and gadgets aim to making cooking easier, save time and offer up additional convenience. Plenty of homeowners are eager to give these new appliances a try, with the most popular being:

  • Hot water taps (18%)
  • Espresso makers (17%)
  • Wine fridge (15%)
  • Warming drawer (14%)
  • Waste disposal unit (11%)
  • Steam oven (8%)


On average, we spend 2.8 hours a day in the kitchen. So, it is no wonder that homeowners want to make their kitchens more welcoming by adding personalised features. These include:

  • Dining/kitchen table (42%)
  • Television (22%)
  • Breakfast nook (13%)
  • Integrated music system (12%)
  • Wood burning stoves (8%)

To read the full report, visit: http://info.houzz.com/rs/houzz/images/UK%20Kitchen%20Trends%202015%20Report.pdf.

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Photo Source: “Kitchen Island Hanging Rack by Chalon Handmade, on Flickr”

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