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This week,


has been named one of the 2015 Superbrands. As a supplier of high-quality kitchen appliances, Hotpoint has certainly earned its spot on the list among a wide range of prestigious British brands.


Superbrands aims to identify the strongest brands in the United Kingdom on a yearly basis. Marketing experts, business professionals and consumers from across the country work together to determine which brands provide the highest quality of service and products.

So, it is certainly no wonder that Hotpoint has made the list this year. The kitchen appliance manufacture works hard to provide products that meet the needs of homeowners with stylish and functional design. Over the years, Hotpoint has earned many prestigious awards, including the title of ‘Britain’s Most Trusted Brand’. Currently, the company sponsors the BBC Good Food Channel.

Hotpoint joins a wide range of high-profile brands that ranked highly in the 2014 survey, including Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, Visa, Disney, Eurostar and Jack Daniels. It is currently one of the only home and companies on the list, aside from John Lewis and Howden’s Joinery. Only a few other companies from the 2015 survey have been revealed, including Ricoh Arena and Raleigh.

“We are thrilled that Hotpoint has been awarded Superbrand status by the CSB,” says Hotpoint marketing director Piero Pracchi. “Our commitment to developing stylish, innovative appliances with ‘Eco Tech’ energy efficiency and advanced technology ensures we consistently deliver the best consumer experience with outstanding product performance in cooking, cleaning and cooling.”

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