How to Be a Mean Clean Laundry Machine

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 5th Jul 2016

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No-one likes cleaning clothes (right?) At best it’s boring. At worst you shrink your favourite shirt or get sabotaged by a stray sock (but that’s okay because you love pink, don’t you?)

Thankfully there’s no shortage of ways to change your clothes-cleaning habits for the better and with some tricks of the trade (like the ones below) it’s easy to become a mean, clean laundry machine.

Clothes-Cleaning Hacks

  • When washing new clothes for the first time, using white vinegar instead of detergent can help to ‘set’ the dye and prevent colour loss.
  • Using white vinegar in the rinse cycle can also help keep your whites whiter.
  • Rub grease stains with white chalk to help it get absorbed in the wash.
  • Lay clothes flat as soon as possible after using the dryer – act fast enough and most materials should stay wrinkle free (which means no ironing!)
  • Save money on dryer sheets by rolling up a ball of aluminium foil instead. You can even reuse it – one ball should last six months.
  • Adding a dry towel to your dryer will reduce drying time – but, take the towel out after about 15 minutes – after this time it will be adding moisture to the dryer.
  • If a t-shirt shrinks, put it in an ice cold bowl of water with a cup of hair conditioner and it will go back to its original size.
  • (If you have the space) save time by buying multiple cheap laundry baskets and sorting your clothes as you go.

Stain Removal Cheats


  • Grass with vinegar.
  • Red wine with white wine.
  • Grease with soda.
  • Blood with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Sweat with lemon juice.
  • Deodorant with denim.
  • Oil with (white) chalk.
  • Coffee with baking soda.
  • Lipstick with baby wipes.
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