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Waste disposal units are become an essential kitchen tool, as they help to reduce household waste by 20%. However, many homeowners are still reluctant to give them a chance due to a number of persistent old wives tales.

Insinkerator has recently conducted a survey, questioning the use of waste disposals. The manufacturer wanted to find out the types of waste homeowners would feel comfortable throwing into the disposal unit, and the results were quite surprising. One question on the survey asked respondents what types of food they would never put into a disposal unit. 75% stated that they would never dispose of bones in a compactor while 46% responded with ‘banana peels’.

Insinkerator wants to dispel these persistent myths about what you can and cannot place in waste disposal units. Modern disposals do not face any problems when it comes to grinding up a wide range of foods, including bones.

According to KBB Daily, one of the most common questions asked in Insinkerator customer service phone calls is: “What can’t I put down it?”

The answer is nothing, really.

While older models of waste disposals may not have been able to handle certain materials, modern products like the Insinkerator Evolution are able to grind up bones, banana peels and many other tough foods.

“What may have been true 75 years ago is not true anymore with our advanced disposer models,” says Vince Costa, Director of Customer Service at InSinkerator.

So, don’t let these myths stop you from purchasing a waste disposal unit. Insinkterator waste disposals can handle a wide range of materials, helping to make your life much easier.

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