Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 29th Dec 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, many people are formulating plans for decorating and redesigning parts of their homes in the New Year. It’s always helpful to look forward and see what trends are building in popularity. Paying attention to growing trends will enable you to gain a better idea of what will be popular in the upcoming year, this is essential if you want to have a stylish kitchen.

Today we’re going to take a look at the colour trends that look to be big during 2016 & 2017, to give you an insight into which design features to consider and which to avoid.

Fresh colours are in. Many people will go for a tawny colour, some may choose a Bali Hai Blue, and while this may look good in your kitchen, we would recommend combining it with a second monochrome colour from a more neutral palette. Combine this palette with white, pass through the grey spectrum and end with dark graphite or jet black. Popular kitchen colours are set to be bright but mildly edged colours. Be careful to not go too fair into the range of pastel.

The real shining star of fitting trends over the last year has been Black cabinets, this trend shows no sign of stopping. Black cabinets provide untraditional and unique look that will easily become a talking point. Black, once thought to be a cold colour, has made incredible bounds in popularity for kitchen design and when combined with the brighter colours we mentioned above, it can create an interesting contrasting design that will stay fashionable for a long time to come.

White will definitely stay on the scene but due to its years of use and well explored nature, white alone is no longer enough. White can really make an impact but it needs to be combined with bright colours and interesting decorative features. Unlike black, white may not be a popular focal point for much longer.

If the popular black, or the contemporary white are both a little too far either side of the spectrum for you, grey may be just what you’re looking for. Grey is a wonderfully neutral colour that won’t go out of fashion. The beauty of grey lies in its flexibility, even the most understated decorations can speak volumes against a neutral grey colour. Grey can provide a stone like texture and appearance to help create a ‘contemporary meets natural’ aesthetic.

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