Kitchen Layout Can Help You Lose Weight

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 12th Mar 2015

Slim By Design is a concept by Brian Wansink which helps people eat healthier by changing up their ‘food radius’. This term refers to your eating environment, which includes your kitchen, pantry and dining room.

On the website, you can take a ten-question test which will score your kitchen layout. The quiz asks questions about where you eat dinner, the contents of your refrigerator and how your meals are served. To help improve the design of your kitchen to encourage healthier eating, you can purchase Wansink’s book or sign up to his course.

To get started now, here are some tips that will help you shed pounds by simply rearranging your kitchen space.

Unclutter your kitchen counters: Wansink states that the only item on the counter should be your fruit bowl. Any snacks should be put away in a hard-to-reach location.

Keep pre-cut vegetables on the main shelf in your fridge: When you are feeling snacky, these items will be readily available.

Plate food in the kitchen and serve it in a separate room: This discourages you from going back for seconds. It is also advised that you serve vegetables first before starches and meat, allowing you to fill up on healthier foods first.

Measure your dinner plates: There is always a strong urge to fill up your dinner plates completely. So, by getting plates that measure less than 25cm wide, you’re encouraging yourself to prepare meals that do not exceed healthy servings.

Learn more about Slim by Design here.

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