Kitchen Lighting Tips

When fitting out your kitchen with new kitchen appliances, it is also a great time to consider the lighting in the room. Today, kitchens are becoming as much about entertainment as they are about cooking – so, it is important to have the right lighting to ensure that your kitchen features a beautiful ambiance at all times.

Light on Multiple Levels

In most classic kitchens, there is only one set of lights that are placed in the ceiling. Today, we are seeing kitchen lighting at more than one level. Under cabinet lighting is functional ‘task lighting’ which makes iteasier to see while cooking and preparing meals. It is a good idea to have under cabinet task lighting along with your ceiling lamps to give you many different options.

Plinth lights help to add another layer to your lighting. These will add a bit of romance to the lighting in the room, especially when used along the base of a kitchen counter.

Consider Dimmers

If it is not possible to have lighting on various different levels, consider installing a dimmer for your kitchen lights. This way, you can control the amount of artificial light in the room based on the time of day. While cooking, you can turn the lights all the way up at night and have them dim earlier in evening. This is particularly useful when entertaining, as you can adjust the dimmer to be the perfect level for mood lighting. Using less light via a dimmer also helps to save money on your energy bills.

High Ceilings? Low Lights!

When lighting a kitchen with a high ceiling, consider low-hanging lights. With ceiling lights, you may end up using more energy than is needed to light the entire room while low-hanging pendant lights only light up the necessary space in the kitchen. This is also very convenient when changing bulbs, as you will not need to use a ladder to switch out the bulbs in your ceiling lights.

Appliances With Built-In Lighting

When shopping for new appliances, look for models with built-in LED lighting. Cooker hoods with LED lights are very useful when preparing meals and keeping your kitchen counters lit as you cook. These types of appliances can help save you money on energy bills, as they can sometimes eliminate the need to turn on your ceiling lights.

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