Kitchen Taps Buying Guide

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 11th Feb 2015

When picking out new taps for your kitchen, it may seem like an easy decision – but there are dozens of styles to choose from. Here, we will help you pick out which type of kitchen taps will best suit your household.


Certain types of taps are ideal for particular kitchen layouts.

Mixer Taps

A mixer tap ensures that both hot water and cold water are dispensed from the same spout. These are convenient to use – but only if your kitchen is already set up to have a mixer tap installed. Otherwise, you will have to change your plumbing in order to accommodate a mixer tap.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are two separate hot and cold taps, so the water only mixes when it hits the sink. While they are considered outdated, pillar taps are still present in many UK households. They are available in plenty of styles to suit your kitchen décor.

Bridge Taps

Bridge taps offer up convenience for homeowners that are not equipped to install mixer taps. The hot and cold water feed through two separate taps but combine in the spout. So, even if you can’t install a mixer tap, you can still take advantage of its benefits.

Kitchen Tap Flow

There are two types of kitchen tap flow, each of which offers up unique benefits to the homeowner.

Dual Flow Taps

This tap keeps the flow of hot and cold water separate in the body to prevent uneven pressure. It also ensures that the hot water runs along the inside of the tap so that the spout does not become too hot to touch.

Single Flow Taps

With a single flow tap, the water is mixed throughout the body of the tap. It is considered to present a smoother flow when dispensing water.

Special Features

Kitchen taps come equipped with a wide range of special features to make your life just a little bit easier. Some examples include:

Hot Water Taps

Throw that kettle in the bin, as innovative new hot water taps dispense boiling water on demand. In addition to pouring warm and cold water, these types of taps also dispense steaming hot water at 98°. There are even some models that allow you to specify the temperature.

Pull Out Spray Taps

Pull out spray taps allow you to pull out the spout as a very functional solution for carrying out chores in the kitchen. Water plants, fill up your mop bucket and do the dishes with ease. They are not particularly fashionable, but they are very practical and tend to make life easier for whomever is in charge of cleaning the kitchen in your home.

Water Filter Taps

Water filter taps help to ensure that every glass of water you pour is free from any impurities. It is like drinking a bottle of water, as you can rest assured that the filter reduces lead, chlorine and residual sediment.

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