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The kitchen uses up most of the water in your home. To help save on your household bills, there are many small changes that you can make in the kitchen that will reduce your household’s water consumption.

Water Saving Tips For Washing

  • When using your dishwasher, be sure to wash a full load each time to help. Ensure that the capacity of the appliance is suited to the size of your household.
  • Avoid pre-washing before using the dishwasher.
  • When washing dishes by hand, use a washing up bowl or a plug.
  • When doing the laundry in your washing machine, be sure to wash a full load each time. Again, ensure that your washing machine’s capacity is suited to your household’s size.


Water Saving Tips When Cooking

  • Defrost food in the fridge rather than in the sink
  • Cooking one-pot meals will reduce the amount of washing that needs to be done
  • When boiling, only use enough water to cover your vegetables in the pot 

Water Saving Tips For Drinking Water

  • Keep a bottle or pitcher of tap water in the fridge. Plenty of water is wasted when you have to wait for the tap to run cold for each glass of water you drink
  • Fill your kettle only with enough water needed for the drinks you will be making in the immediate future
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