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3D printing is one of the latest trends in the manufacturing industry. We are seeing all types of products being made 3D printers – but, did you ever think that you would be able to purchase 3D printed taps? Now, American Standard will be making it possible, after debuting its new range of kitchen taps.


These new taps feature designs that you would never usually see some traditional kitchen appliance manufacturers. 3D printing makes it possible to product taps with cut-outs and twists. When you first look at these kitchen taps, it seems like they would not be able to produce water – but, they actually work.

For example, this tap features a lattice design and seems to be hollow in the middle. You are left wondering how the water could possibly travel through this faucet.

This is another gorgeous design that features several tiny spouts. This creates the effect that the water is appearing out of nowhere.

Each tap takes about 24 hours to create, using laser sintering on metal powder. Then, they are hand-finished and polished. As a result, they are quite pricey – costing anywhere from $12 000 to $24 000.

The new 3D printed taps will become available in an exclusive selection of showrooms across America. While we’re not entirely sure when they will come to the United Kingdom, we are very excited about this innovation.


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