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Astracast has released a new range of kitchen sinks that are perfectly on trend. With simple contemporary designs, the new Dart and Elan will make a beautiful new addition to any kitchen space.

The Astracast Dart sink is named as such due to its unique bowl shape. It will add a bit of interest to your kitchen counters while still maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. This particular granite sink is available in 1.5 bowl and single bowl versions, as well as in the following colours: volcano black, sahara beige, opal white and graphite grey.

Dart sinks from Astracast are made with ROK® granite, which is made of 90% quartz crystals that are concentrated on the surface. This means that the material is heat resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant and stain resistant. It is also easy to clean and anti-bacterial.


Astracast Helix 1.5 Bowl ROK Metallic in Chocolate, £249.99

Elan is a stainless steel kitchen sink that has also been designed to suit contemporary décor trends. While the design is quite simple, there are small features that bring some style into its look. This model also features a 24-litre bowl, which will accommodate large dishes that may not be able to fit in your dishwasher.

Both of these models are available in single and 1.5 bowl variations. Both type feature large workspaces that can accommodate a cutting board or dish rack, helping to save valuable space on your kitchen counters.

When it comes to kitchen sinks, Astracast is an industry leader. You can always count on granite sinks and stainless steel sinks from this manufacturer to perform to a high standard and remain in great condition for years. 

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