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At Ship It Appliances, we now stock the Insinkerator 3N1 Hot Water Tap. It offers homeowners many benefits, as this innovative kitchen tap helps you save time and energy in the kitchen by instantly dispensing steaming water for preparing hot drinks and boiling food.

Insinkerator 3in1 Mains Hot & Cold with Instant Hot Tap, £699.99

Get Rid of the Kettle
You’ll no longer need to have a kettle in your kitchen. Its sole purpose is replaced by the 3N1 Hot Water Tap from Insinkerator. While kettles boil water relatively quickly, they still do not offer up instant service. You’ll never have to wait for a cup of tea again!

Save Water
When boiling water in a kettle, there is always a chance that you may boil more or less water than is required. By boiling less, you waste time and by boiling more, you waste water. When you pour water from a hot water tap, you never dispense more than you need. So, you can cut back on your water usage every time you use the Insinkerator 3N1 Hot Water Tap.

Drink Clean
Another great benefit of this product is its filtration system, ensuring that there will be no chlorine, lead or turbidity in your water. While UK water is clean and safe to drink, filtering ensures that your water will taste great all the time and be free from any unpleasant odours. The filtration system is very easy to use and offers homeowners a simple way to drink exceptionally clean water every day.

Add Style
Insinkerator has designed this kitchen tap with a modern and sleek appearance. So, it will fit in with just about any kitchen décor – while adding a touch of style to the room! It is also available in three different colours, so you can pick one that best suits your kitchen colour scheme.


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